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Since our first store opened its doors in 1983, Super Rooster has had one singular focus – Quality. From the food, to the service, to the cleanliness of our stores, we strive to bring you the best in everything we do.

Our Beginning

Ray and Elena Klarich opened their first store in Southtown, directly across the road from the local high school, Centenary Heights. Talk of the tasty chicken and chips across the road quickly spread throughout the school and before long, hungry teenagers were lining up outside the store as soon as the bell rang.

It didn’t take long for their parents to join in and soon enough, Super Rooster was regularly appearing on dinner tables to the delight of hungry families around Southtown.

As word continued to spread, the Southtown store became so busy that a larger premises was needed. Ray and Elena packed up and moved to the corner of Ruthven and Alderley, quickly adding the additional Wilsonton and North stores to keep up with the growing demand.

The word was out and the people of Toowoomba had decided that Super Rooster was serving the best BBQ rotisserie chicken and chips in town!

The Present and Beyond

With almost 100 employees across three locations, Super Rooster is proudly family owned to this day, with Ray and Elena’s son Kristopher taking over in 2020.

His involvement in the family business began when he was just 14 years old working as a kitchen-hand in the Wilsonton store. You may see him there from time to time, visiting and reminiscing.

Our delicious BBQ chicken and chips have quite the cult following amongst the locals, and their good taste was confirmed in a state-wide poll with our chips winning Best Chips in QLD in 2021!

Our main goal today is the same as it’s always been, to continue to deliver quality to the people of Toowoomba. Our chicken, our chips, our service and our cleanliness are always top notch, and that’s something we’re happy to cluck about!

Did You Know...

Ray and Elena developed the ‘Super Rooster Salt’ and ’Special Sauce’, recipes that make the food so tasty and unique. These recipes are top secret and have been handed down to a select few family members for safe keeping!

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